Jun. 20, 2021


TD-3, RD-8, Korg Monologue, Some guitar pedals. Ableton for recording and master EQ.

Apr. 3, 2021


The set was made completely in SynthVR running on the Oculus Quest 2.

Mar. 29, 2021

Graph for Piano and Strings

The composition itself is defined by only 2 notes, with the rest of the graph defining nothing but a relative transformation to the pitch and velocity of the incoming signal. This framework of composition allows for a lot of “happy accidents” and surprises - for example, the composition is not detrministic! The ending, at the top of the graph, is also defined by relative pitch, but as many nodes “drain” to that final node, you can never tell which pitch would the ending play at. One would think that every execution would result in the same ending, but Nodal allows for some randomness, so every play is a new sound.

Apr. 12, 2018

On eBay's Imperial Roman Coin market and History

eBay’s Ancient Roman Coin market is likely the largest market place for ancient coins in today’s world. Hundreds of thousands of ancient items exchanged hands through eBay’s marketplace in the last year. In the last 7 months, more than a quarter of a million coins been listed on eBay alone. Given the inherit historical value in ancient coins and my personal interest in them, I have been collecting data on every Roman Imperial Coin listing on eBay for the past seven months.

Oct. 29, 2016

The Most Documented War in History: Who talks about it?

The discussion about the ongoing war in the context of geo-politics, modern warfare, and even morality is one that is as important as it is active. The more we discuss the war, the more we learn from it, and the less likely we are to repeat it. But the discussion of war itself is reflecting those same issues it attempts to make sense of. The human tendency for discussing the atrocities of war, and the ease of which one can, with malice or without, lead discussions and persuade the impressionable is not left unnoticed by the leading actors and the partisans the war gave birth to.

Sep. 17, 2016

The Most Documented War in History: The TOW Program

In mid 2012, The former head of Syria’s chemical weapons, Major General Adnan Silu, declared that “All we need from NATO are two air attacks on the presidential palace to topple the regime and we will be able to control all the Syrian cities”. But two years later, amid clashes between the rebel fractions and the now independent ISIS (a few months before they would declare their Caliphate) the rebels and their supporters were not as optimistic.


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