AI Dialectics

A collections of articles, prose and poetry generated completely or with the assistance of AI (mostly GPT-3). The produced texts have been mostly left untouched and so should be considered a creative work of fiction. Why "Dialectics"? Because producing cohesive interesting text using computers requires a lot of back-and-forth with the AI. GPT-3 adds something, I claim otherwise, GPT-3 adapts, and an actual dialectic process is formed.

Mar. 14, 2020

A very Borgesian exeperience

By GPT3-3, the ghost of Jorge Luis Borges and Daniel Zautner Preface I reched the GPT3’s token limit with this story, so it is unfinished in every sense. Synopsis A man is dying, and as he dies the time is getting slower and he can’t stop remembering his sins. In the end, he realizes he’s in hell Chapter 1 It’s been a while since he began to feel bewildered, and he had not, yet, decided to go to the doctor.

Mar. 14, 2020

A Smart Alec

A short story By GPT3-3, the digital ghost of David Foster Wallace & Daniel Zautner. Preface Unlike the intentionally characterless “academic papers” I produced previously with GPT-3 (Lacanian Psychosis among pre-teen Tik-Tok users, The Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Modern Judaism (both of which ironically sound exactly like something DFW would make up as a footnote in Infinite Jest)) for the purpose of producing a convincing short story I might even enjoy myself I added guidance for GPT-3 to simulate DFW’s writing style.

Mar. 14, 2020

Lacanian Psychosis among pre-teen Tik-Tok users

By GPT3-3, Daniel Zautner ABSTRACT Lacan’s theory of psychosis in relation to the subject and the signifier is discussed in the context of the supposed epidemic of “Lacanian Psychosis” among pre-teen Tik-Tok users in the United States. The article will discuss the theory of the real, the subject, and the signifier in relation to psychosis. The article will also discuss the relationship of the signifier to the subject at the level of the ego in order to understand the strange behavior of pre-teen users of Tik-Tok.

Mar. 14, 2020

The Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Modern Judaism

By GPT3-3, Daniel Zautner ABSTRACT The Jewish people are entering a new era of Jewish life with the advent of Artificial Intelligence. This new era brings with it new challenges to the Jewish community, such as the possible need for Jewish law to adapt to the new technology and the new ways in which it is used. With the creation of Facebook’s “DeepText” project, we have witnessed how AI can be trained to understand and interpret the Torah text.